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Tonight on “The Big Bang Theory” the scientific inquiry revolved not around quasars and bosons, but what would happen if a vampire were bitten by a zombie, and then bit a human? As it happens, I just this evening put the finishing touches on a story which features a zombie bitten by a vampire (and then shot through the head). Does Chuck Lorre have a tap on my computer? Am I actually an unsung comic genius responsible for the funniest sci-fi-related show in TV history? Or should I be crouched in a corner wearing an aluminum foil hat?

I’m working on a concept featuring time travelers and Shakespeare. If Sheldon starts taking up the question of whether the Earl of Oxford actually wrote the plays, Mr. Lorre and I are going to have a talk…


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Two of my on-line stories have been reprinted in a omnibus volume covering the first year of publication of Daily Science Fiction. “Grinpa” first saw daylight in October 2010, and “Paying the Tab” in July 2011. Both ranked among Daily Science Fiction’s “Best of the Year,” according the Diabolical Plots review website. (“Grinpa” was the first DSF story to receive a “Recommended” from that site.) Both are included in Not Just Rockets and Robots, Daily Science Fiction Year One. This 865-page tome offers a great opportunity to pick and choose from roughly 240 very short stories that give terrific value for the small amount of time invested.

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