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Publicity 101…Not!

A few days ago M and I dropped by the UCLA campus to check out the Quidditch matches. (Hey, don’t knock it if you haven’t watched it.) While there, we were approached by a lovely young lady who identified herself as a reporter for the Daily Bruin. (I believe we were profiled because we were pretty much the oldest people there.) She asked us a few questions about our views of Quidditch, got our names, and thanked us.

The article appeared on-line, with quotes from me. And since the student population of UCLA is roughly 30,000, a lot of people could have seen that article, including my name. (Not to mention that it’s on line.) Nice publicity for a new writer. The only problem is, I completely failed to give the reporter my pen name, nor did I mention that I am a fantasy writer, despite the obvious connection to the event.

A new talent in any field has to make his own name for himself. Fate threw me a pass, and I dropped the ball. Next time I’m wearing those sticky gloves.


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