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The local free paper, the Warner Center News, has published a blurb about “Commitment” in their “People in the News” section. I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille….


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A man went to a famous author to learn how to be a writer. The author said, “It’s simple. Anyone who can read can write a book.” So the man went off and spent five years writing his Great American Novel. With high hopes he sent the completed manuscript to a publisher. It came back with a rejection.

He went back to the famous author. “You said anyone who could read could write a book and be a writer!” he said, hefting the manuscript in one hand. “I wrote this,” he said. The famous author looked at the thick manuscript and shrugged. “Like I said, anybody can write a book. That doesn’t make you a writer.”

His visitor held out a slip of paper. “You mean I went to all that trouble just to collect this rejection?”

The famous author smiled and held out his own hand. “A rejection? Congratulations. Now you are a writer.”

If no one reads a book, does it have any words?

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