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From now until the end of 2018, all of the novels on my site will be available at reduced prices!

This is a great chance to get in on the ground floor of the exciting adventures of Nemesis, a mysterious avenger of the 1930s, delivering justice on behalf of those helpless to gain justice for themselves. Start with a voyage to the unexplored Amazon in The Choking Rain, then follow our heroes on a quest to find a missing diplomat that leads to an isolated Asian mountain kingdom in The Scent of Death, and finally track The Killing Scar to 1930s Berlin, where as nationalists and Communists battle for power in the streets, a secret weapon is being developed that could hasten the next war–and change its outcome completely!

Or if you want a laugh (or three), check out the gonzo goings-on in the Middle Ages as they did not exist–and shouldn’t have–in Once a Knight: A Tale of the Daze of Chivalry. Ride with Bruce Legume, the legendary White Samurai, and his brother Stephen, who is either Bruce’s closest ally or Worst Brother Ever, depending on the time of day, phase of the moon, and whether there’s a buck to be made. Heroes–you take them where you find them.

Remember that books make great holiday gifts. And for yourself–the nights are getting longer, Winter is coming…



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It’s here! The Invisible City has now officially been published by Digital Fiction Publishing! This is my first traditionally-published book, and for a limited time it’s available for 99 cents! The redesigned cover is below.

The Invisible City KINDLE COVER OCT4

The Invisible City is the story of Charles Clee, a volunteer infantry officer in the hellish trenches of France in 1915, who disobeys orders to investigate what he thinks is an enemy trap. He’s right–but he also stumbles on an illegal time travel expedition from the 863rd century, and the only way to escape the Germans is to use the time machine, which traps him hundreds of thousands of years in the future!

Here he finds no Utopia, but a world seized by the same kinds of murderous hate he left behind, except that this Earth has been overrun by aliens and populated by laboratory-recreated versions all of the most dangerous animals of history, not to mention savage killers all too new to him.

Clee falls in love, only to have her kidnapped by one of the world’s most powerful men. In his quest to save her, he finds that there may still be a working time machine that could take him home. Now he must choose–will he stay with the world that needs him, or return to the world where he belongs?

The second and third volumes, The Secret City and The Cosmic City, will be available soon. You’re going to want to read them as soon as they come out, so I recommend you read The Invisible City now!


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Who wants to wait until Black Friday? And who wants a sale that only lasts one day? (Hint: the answer to both these questions is, “Not me.”)

Therefore, on the theory that it’s no good selling something if you can’t give your friends a good deal, starting tomorrow, November 23, and running all the way to December 31, all novels in my electronic catalog are being reduced by 25%!*

You want time-traveling adventure on a far-future Earth where aliens rule mankind and recreated dinosaurs roam deserted cities? We got that.

You want to go back to the 1930s, where mysterious dangers hide behind every door and globe-trotting heroes fight the forces of evil and tyranny? We got that.

You want to visit a fantastical (and hysterical) medieval land where an exiled samurai and an untrustworthy card shark turn out to be long-lost brothers, battling fashion-obsessed Valkyries and the Pirate Brother’ood while arguing over whose fault it was they got kicked out of another tavern? We got that, too!

Act now, because prices like this do not come along every day!**


*Except for The Invisible City, because it’s already free!

**Every year, yes. Every day, no.

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In honor of its new cover, I have decided to extend the Once a Knight, A Tale of the Daze of Chivalry, sale for the for the month of November. Time to start that Christmas shopping…

Take one legendary samurai warrior, exiled from his adopted homeland by a technicality. Add one good-for-nothing, cheating, womanizing drunkard who has been exiled from every nation that has a border patrol.

Now make them brothers. And put the fate of two kingdoms on their shoulders.

You take your heroes where you find them.


You can obtain your copy from Amazon or Smashwords.

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I have put my comic fantasy, Once a Knight, a Tale of the Daze of Chivalry, on sale for the month of October for $2.99. You can buy it on Amazon and at Smashwords.com. Fair warning: This is a serious offer for a book that is anything but.

Bruce Legume, the legendary White Samurai, would sell his life for honor. Stephen Legume, the infamous Kid Legume, would sell his mother for a pair of kings.

When the White Samurai is disgraced and exiled (on a technicality), he is overjoyed to discover his long-lost brother Stephen. In Stephen, Bruce finds a guide and a mentor. He gives freely of his friendship and his trust, making one thing very, very clear:

The White Samurai doesn’t know people at all.


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Well, thank you for your interest! Somehow (and I honestly don’t know how), I pushed along at a respectable clip this week. I am now at 46,510, almost 6700 words ahead of last week. I should come in at 60,000 words by August 12, right on schedule. Woohoo! Right?

Well, yes and no. You never thought it would be that easy. I can see now that this book is not going to come in at 60,000 words. It’s probably going to run around 65,000 words. (Don’t you love how we authors can so blithely throw around estimates in the thousands of words? Don’t you wonder how we do that? So do we.) Fortunately, that only means about a week’s extra work (even including fixing a major problem I recently discovered), so if I edit quickly, I can stick to my publishing schedule. It also means, though, that I have to put some thought into a cover… I’m thinking of doing something classic, like the less lurid of the old Black Mask and Dime Detective covers. We’ll see.

In the meantime, by the time you read this, there will be only 24 hours left in the Smashwords July sale, which means you have hardly any time left to pick up The Invisible City for free, and all of my other books at a steep discount. This is your last chance to save some money on quality fiction, and time is running out…


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Yep, I’m still at it. Tonight marks the start of Week 4 of the “Write a Novel in Eight Weeks” experiment. At this point, I am at 23,737 words, a sliver short of the 24,000 target. It turns out that there is a little more to outlining than I anticipated; you need to have the basic facts underlying your plot straight, or you may find yourself in trouble. I discovered that I was really wrong on one basic fact and nearly had to scrap the last third of the story, which would have ruined any chance of bringing it in in less than two months, but the beauty of fiction is that the author in totally in charge, and instead of changing the manuscript, I changed the facts. The story works just as well, and I stay on schedule (more or less).

As tonight’s session starts with a big action scene, I have a good chance of making up the lost ground. Action scenes tend to write themselves.

Speaking of action scenes (he said, congratulating himself on his subtle segue), my entire oeuvre is currently on sale at Smashwords, and The Invisible City is available for free. This is a classic adventure story, with noble heroes, dastardly villains, damsels in distress, damsels getting themselves out of distress, loyalty, treachery, betrayal, friendship, and lots of cliffhangers and hairsbreadth-escapes. (The only thing it’s missing is a dog. The hero should have had a dog. I apologize.) It’s a lot of fun, and if there is a kid in your life you’re looking to turn on to reading, you could do worse.

Now, back to planning that big action scene. Do you think fifty bandits is too many?

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