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If you have any connection to SF fandom or geek culture, you’ve heard by now that the new incarnation of Doctor Who is going to be played by a woman. You may also have heard that this is going to bring around the fall of civilization, much like, oh, I don’t know, electing a black President.

I have no interest in arguing whether the new Doctor’s gender is a result of left-wing politics, political correctness, feminist pandering, or just a new showrunner bringing along an actress he really enjoys working with, from his current show. (It bears mentioning that he could not bring along the lead actor from his show, because David Tennant has already been the Doctor.) I have no interest in arguing this question because I don’t know the answer. And neither do you, unless your name is Chibnall.

Furthermore, I don’t care. It’s all in the story. If you tell good Doctor stories next season, I’m all for it. If you don’t, well, then, it won’t be Jodie Whittaker’s fault. Unless it is. Who knows? (No pun intended.) But the Doctor’s gender should not be the determinant of whether you watch the show.

As far as I’m concerned, the Doctor could regenerate into an aardvark. (A talking aardvark, of course.) Or maybe Disney will buy the BBC and she will regenerate into a gun-toting raccoon. Or a mouse. The point is: If the Doctor had regenerated into an aardvark, or a mouse, or a dancing bear, it would not have made any difference because this is fiction. Science fiction. They make this stuff up as they go along. Are you an expert on Time Lord biogenesis? Do you have a Ph.D. in temporal biophysics? No? Well then, where do you get off saying the Doctor can’t be a woman?

And what difference does it make anyway? I defy anyone to give me one good story-related reason that the Doctor can’t be a woman. Apparently, it’s been in the cards for years. This is the same reasoning that said John Steed’s partner couldn’t be a woman–until they hired Honor Blackman to play Cathy Gale and TV was changed forever. Oddly enough, The Avengers was not ruined, even by a succession of female partners.

Could a woman have replaced John Steed? Probably not, but I know a lot of guys who wouldn’t have complained if all we got was sixty minutes of Emma Peel



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