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To go along with the The Scent of Death (available for pre-order now at Amazon and Smashwords, hint, hint), I ordered a new cover for book no. 1 in the series, The Choking Rain (on sale through September). Although the cover has been uploaded, those sites have not yet posted it, so here, for the first time ever, in a Graffiti on the Walls of Time exclusive, is the new cover for The Choking Rain.




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Yes, of course you’re not supposed to, but everybody does. At least in the paperback section. There’s no use denying it; the big publishers spend a lot of time and money on getting the right (they think) covers, even if it usually means the picture bears little resemblance to the to the story. And the Hugo Award for Best Artist is really an award for the best cover(s), further proving their importance to the field.

Although the cover sometimes depicts a scene that is to be found nowhere on the same shelf as anything in the book it adorns, it still tries to convey the feeling of the story, or at least the genre. Which is why, despite vehement opposition from some quarters and a great reluctance on my own part, I have decided to commission a new cover for the e-book version of The Invisible City. (For now, you can see the current cover on my home page.) Don’t get me wrong, I love the cover. I think it’s gorgeous, I commissioned the cover of The Secret City to be in the same vein, and I already know what I want for the cover of The Cosmic City. It will make a nice set, at least on paper. But that first cover does not convey the spirit of the planetary romance plot, and so it has to be replaced. Whether the other e-books will follow suit will depend on sales trends.

Tonight I received the first version of the new cover, and whoa! It wasn’t what I envisioned, but it hits you in the face like a brick. There is no question what kind of book it’s describing, although it will require a few alterations to be more genre-specific.

I’m also going to need a little time to process the change. This was my first self-published novel, and I took great care in selecting a cover that spoke to me; switching to a new one will take time to get used to. Still, self-publishing was all an experiment, and experiments often evolve over time.

So here’s to the new phase of my experiment. As long as it doesn’t blow up the lab or turn me into a supervillain, I guess it will all work out.


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I just stumbled on the cover art for the first issue of Cirsova, in which my story, “Rose by Any Other Name” is featured, and with my name on the cover. I have been on the cover of a magazine before, but not of an initial issue; as it is sure to become a collector’s item, I suggest you plan to buy yours at the earliest opportunity!

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