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It’s here! The Invisible City has now officially been published by Digital Fiction Publishing! This is my first traditionally-published book, and for a limited time it’s available for 99 cents! The redesigned cover is below.

The Invisible City KINDLE COVER OCT4

The Invisible City is the story of Charles Clee, a volunteer infantry officer in the hellish trenches of France in 1915, who disobeys orders to investigate what he thinks is an enemy trap. He’s right–but he also stumbles on an illegal time travel expedition from the 863rd century, and the only way to escape the Germans is to use the time machine, which traps him hundreds of thousands of years in the future!

Here he finds no Utopia, but a world seized by the same kinds of murderous hate he left behind, except that this Earth has been overrun by aliens and populated by laboratory-recreated versions all of the most dangerous animals of history, not to mention savage killers all too new to him.

Clee falls in love, only to have her kidnapped by one of the world’s most powerful men. In his quest to save her, he finds that there may still be a working time machine that could take him home. Now he must choose–will he stay with the world that needs him, or return to the world where he belongs?

The second and third volumes, The Secret City and The Cosmic City, will be available soon. You’re going to want to read them as soon as they come out, so I recommend you read The Invisible City now!



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I received word today that Digital Fiction Publications wants to reprint my “werewolf walks into a bar” story, “Paying the Tab.” Okay, it’s not quite like that, but there is a werewolf and he’s in a bar. But who’s picking up the tab–and what’s the final bill?

To keep you busy until it comes out, you can always check out Digital’s publications of “Dead Guy Walking,” and “Grinpa,” as evidence that these folks have impeccable taste in fiction.


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As we wave good-bye to the tragi-comedy that has been 2016, I present you with the summation of my writing year, for whatever it might be worth. (Probably more to me than you.)

Submissions: 96. Trust me, this is a lot more than I thought. I credit the dozens of markets available today; when I started, there were three. Twelve of these subs are still outstanding.

Sales: 9. This is a record. Four original stories, five reprints. One of the original stories, moreover, was solicited by an editor. That was a first. (Woohoo!) The most-rejected of the original stories, “Hoskins’ War”  (appearing in Cirsova), had been rejected five times. Of the reprints, “Grinpa” (appearing in an upcoming volume of Digital Quick Fiction) had been rejected eight times before it first sold; this will be the first time it is reprinted.

Words written: 72,433. This is not in and out itself an impressive number, but in my own defense it only counts original works, not the extensive re-writing of older stories (some of which I sold). I would guess the true number to be closer to 90,000. The bulk of these words (66,000) are contained in The Cosmic City, which will be done very soon. I promise!

I also appeared on a panel, for the first time in, oh, let’s just say since I began selling, at Loscon. It was on what life would have been like without Star Trek. I was the guy who half-seriously pointed out how Star Trek had delayed some technical innovation. Nobody threw any tomatoes.

So that’s how I spent my free time. This is the first time I’ve added up these numbers; there are some surprises. Next year, I want to write more original fiction (easier when you’re not concentrating on a novel), and of course I want to sell more. With any luck, those things will go hand-in-hand.

I guess it’s up to me.

Happy New Year!


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Hooray! “Grinpa,” the story of a little boy who’s more concerned with his dying grandfather than with the HUGE events occurring in the world outside of that little hospital room, is going to be reprinted by Digital Fiction. I am very proud of this story and excited to see it venturing out into the world once more.

This marks my seventh sale of the year (a record), and my 30th overall. When I think back on all those years I worked and dreamed (and despaired) about ever being published, having done so seven times in one year, let alone for the 30th time, is a little hard to process.

As always, I will post here when the story is available. (In the meantime, there is a rumor circulating that there may be more of these announcements in the near future…)


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