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With all the storm und drang that has rained down since the Hugos, I could have ranted about the outcome and the various parties reactions for at least 400 words. But I don’t want to. I want to talk about something completely different and totally insignificant. Thus, my humble offerings of things you can say about fans (or anyone else, if you’re talking to fans) who just don’t have enough rocket fuel to quite reach the Moon.

He’s so dumb, he couldn’t find a robot on an episode of Futurama.

He’s so dumb, he likes to go jogging alone on the Nostromo.

He’s so dumb, he keeps volunteering for away missions.

He’s so dumb, he told Cyclops, “Take off those glasses so I can hit you.”

He’s so dumb, he challenged the Flash to a duel.

He’s so dumb, he thinks those really weren’t the droids he was looking for.

He’s so dumb, he bought a house in Haven.

He’s so dumb, he thinks The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is Fifty Shades of Gray¬†with¬†werewolves.

He’s so dumb, he sold a life insurance policy to a Stark.

He’s so dumb, he went to Mount Doom for the skiing.

And (mercifully) last but not least…

He’s so dumb, he went to Doctor Who for a physical and now he doesn’t know when he got it done.


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First things first: I love The Big Bang Theory. I was not an early adopter (ironically), partly because I was trying to limit my TV viewing in favor of writing, and partly because I believed it would be a mainstream mugging of my peeps, the people who go to cons, read comic books, and basically practice the types of rituals that were guaranteed to get you beaten up in junior high school if anyone saw you with evidence of your passion. (My passion was known, but since my closest co-conspirator was on the football team–yes, the football team–I was safe from reprisal.)

On the enthusiastic recommendation of my beloved Significant Other,* however, I watched an episode. It is now the only show of which I will watch reruns in the same season as when they first aired. I also avidly watch it in syndication.

Okay, so having established my bona fides, I am now allowed to criticize the thing I love: Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard are routinely shown watching SF TV shows, attending movies, and their lives revolve around the local comic book shop(s). And yet, I do not recall ever seeing one of them reading a book. Not even a magazine. What’s up with that?

I understand that this kind of comedy relies on interpersonal relationships, and reading is not a shared experience (except when they’re passing the comics around), so it might not play well on TV. But are there no books (other than textbooks) in any of their apartments? Are you going to tell me that Howard doesn’t subscribe to Analog? (Sheldon would sneer; there’s your interpersonal byplay.)

It’s kind of unfair, really, that Babylon 5, Star Trek, Batman, the Flash, et al. get such play and SF magazine and novel writers get no credit. If none of these guys (or Amy) has read Asimov, I’ll eat my hat. Or Heinlein? Really?

C’mon, fellas, get with it. I love it when the things I love, love the things I love. Even if it’s only part of the background.

*See The Only Job Harder than Mine.

ETA 10/13/14: On tonight’s episode, Sheldon mentioned reading Arthur C. Clarke. It’s a start.

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