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Writers are like sharks: If we don’t keep moving forward, we drown. (Not in water, of course, but in our dreams. It’s messier.) And so now that I have (finally) finished editing The Scent of Death, I find myself starting to outline the next book in the series, currently tentatively entitled The Killing Scar. As I have mentioned, TKS will bring back an enemy from Eric’s past whom Eric thought was dead, and who, ironically, thought the same thing of Eric. Whether either of them survives this time depends on my mood.

I had planned to bring out TSD in mid-September, which seems feasible, since the cover is almost ready (I hope). I am hoping to find a couple of beta readers just to go over it and ensure I haven’t made any huge plot errors…if anyone is interested, you can email me at brianklowewriter@aol.com. All I ask is that you read the book and get back to me within a week or ten days, so if there are any necessary changes I can make them. (I’ll even throw in an e-book of The Choking Rain for your trouble. If you were moved to leave a review on Amazon, I would be grateful, but it is¬†not required.)

So in a couple of weeks I hope to start serious work on The Killing Scar, and be done with it some time around Thanksgiving. Given the exigencies of the season, editing that will probably take the rest of the year. The first half of 2018 will be occupied by writing no. 4, Marauders from the Moon, and no. 5, The Invisible Crimes. Then we’ll see where we stand.

It’s funny; I have never planned this many works in advance before. It makes me feel like a real writer. Up until now, if I planned a year ahead, it was only to finish the current novel. Life¬†certainly can surprise you.

What will really surprise me is if I can carry this off. The Experiment hasn’t ended, it’s only gotten additional funding…



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