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Today is the day! The final book in the Stolen Future trilogy is on sale! The Cosmic City is available as an e-book for $3.99 on Amazon and Smashwords, and the paperback will soon be on sale for $9.99 at Createspace.

Keryl Clee may think he has defeated his foes and started the Earth on the path to unity, but his greatest challenge–and Earth’s greatest threat–await him.While he languishes in a prison of made of history, the clock moves inexorably to the moment when humanity will be destroyed and Time itself may be damaged beyond repair!

To celebrate the completion of the Stolen Future trilogy, the first volume, The Invisible City, is priced at $.99. What are you waiting for? As Keryl Clee will tell you, Time is of the essence!



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The Choking Rain, my Depression-era pulp adventure novel, is now available in e-book form for the first time at Smashwords.com.

The Choking Rain, first in a planned series, follows former WWI fighter ace Eric Reinhold and four fellow adventurers as they fight to find the answer to The Invisible Death, a phantom killer stalking the streets of Los Angeles in the winter of 1932, just months before the Olympic Games are meant to give hope to a beaten-down American public. But if the killings aren’t stopped, the Games will be cancelled, a major propaganda blow to the growing influence of the United States. With the authorities helpless, panic mounting, and the murderous scourge seeming to focus on his own family, Reinhold has to take the law into his own hands, even if it means defying the police, endangering his friends, and returning to fight the war he thought he had left behind–a war which this time, he might very well not survive…

Ranging from the alleyways of Tinseltown to the pathless jungles of South America, featuring gangsters, spies, hidden agendas, unexpected allies, and surprise villains, The Choking Rain is a rousing adventure story in the classic pulp style.

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In Chapter 9 of The Choking Rain, the boys go to a party, the Professor gets into a fight, and The Invisible Death strikes on the O’Donnells’ doorstep!

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