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In honor of its new cover, I have decided to extend the Once a Knight, A Tale of the Daze of Chivalry, sale for the for the month of November. Time to start that Christmas shopping…

Take one legendary samurai warrior, exiled from his adopted homeland by a technicality. Add one good-for-nothing, cheating, womanizing drunkard who has been exiled from every nation that has a border patrol.

Now make them brothers. And put the fate of two kingdoms on their shoulders.

You take your heroes where you find them.


You can obtain your copy from Amazon or Smashwords.


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I have put my comic fantasy, Once a Knight, a Tale of the Daze of Chivalry, on sale for the month of October for $2.99. You can buy it on Amazon and at Smashwords.com. Fair warning: This is a serious offer for a book that is anything but.

Bruce Legume, the legendary White Samurai, would sell his life for honor. Stephen Legume, the infamous Kid Legume, would sell his mother for a pair of kings.

When the White Samurai is disgraced and exiled (on a technicality), he is overjoyed to discover his long-lost brother Stephen. In Stephen, Bruce finds a guide and a mentor. He gives freely of his friendship and his trust, making one thing very, very clear:

The White Samurai doesn’t know people at all.


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My newest novel, Once a Knight, is now live at Smashwords. It’s the story of two men, Bruce Legume, the legendary White Samurai, Whose Coming is Foretold in Terms Both Glowing and Long-winded, and Stephen Legume, horse thief, card sharp, and wife-stealer. When Bruce is exiled from Japan (was it a technicality, or something more mysterious?), he must set out half-way across the world to discover the secret of his long-lost family. Unfortunately, his long-lost family starts with Stephen.

Bruce has a quest. Stephen has nothing better to do. Together they will fight pirates, Vikings, assassins, and lipgloss-crazed Amazons on their way to unraveling the Family Secret, which holds the key not only to their own survival, but to the life and liberty of nations.

Can they solve the riddle of their birth? Can they win out over the hordes who want to kill them? Can they keep from killing each other?

Alone and alienated, Bruce must put all of his faith into Stephen as guide, mentor, and friend.

Hey, even the legendary White Samurai is entitled to one mistake.

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If Monty Python had searched out the Holy Grail with the help of Rocky and Bullwinkle, their quest would have been less arduous, less awkward, and not as funny as Once a Knight, the story of the legendary Legume brothers: Bruce, the One True White Samurai, and Stephen, The One True Pain in the White Samurai’s … Neck.

The first chapter of this story, soon to be available on an e-reader near you, is presented here for your convenience. Please like it; I hate it when samurai cry.

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