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So now Fox News is defending supervillains. Fox and Friends recently defended the Supreme Serpent against Captain America (who is now apparently not living up to his name), because preying on immigrants only meant that he was concerned with illegal immigration. Yeah, well, other than the fact that Fox is now taking its talking points from a comic book, and the bad guy at that, who could have a problem with this…?

In fact, I think Fox has dropped the ball–and so have comics. For years we’ve been beaten up, kidnapped, threatened, terrorized, and even killed by supervillains who didn’t grow up here. If the government were doing its job, none of these guys would be a problem, and Cap, Batman, Spider-Man…those guys could concentrate of real, home-grown American crooks. As a public service, then, this site is going to call out some of those non-native invasive species who should be deported post-haste.

Doctor Doom. Let’s cover the big guy first. Sure, he’s got diplomatic immunity as dictator of Latveria, but can’t we revoke his diplomatic status or something? I mean, who’s more important, Doc Doom or the New York-born Fantastic Four?

The Red Skull. I know we let in a lot of Nazi rocket scientists after the war, but he wasn’t one of them. So how does he get here to fight Captain America all the time?

Batroc the Leaper. French. Again, Captain America (contrary to Fox) is the only hero living up to his name.

Ra’s Al-Ghul. I mean, the guy’s the head of the oldest criminal gang in the world. And Batman is the only one who wants to send his sorry behind home?

Pretty much everybody Iron Man’s fought in the movies. Whiplash? Russian. The Mandarin? Supposedly Asian, probably English, but certainly not American. And while we’re on the English, haven’t there been about a thousand English bad guys in movies in the last thirty years? We’re way behind the curve here!

Loki. Now there’s somebody we can agree doesn’t belong here. Good thing we’ve got Thor. Wait, what? He just plopped down without a visa? Good gravy, we’re going to need some heavy hitter to boot him out. How about Wonder Woman? Seriously? Okay, Superman. He’ll take them all–no. No way. Superman? Really? I thought he was from Kansas!

I guess he’s not from Kansas anymore…


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