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I think there’s a law that says you have to recap your year in a blog post, but even if there isn’t, this has been (ahem) a pretty big year, so what the heck.

Stories submitted: 57, fewer than other years, because my inventory is being whittled down by attrition, meaning they’ve sold. (One story was returned with an invitation to re-submit should that particular anthology merit a sequel.) This is an awesome problem to have. There are seven stories out at the moment, a number I’m comfortable with.

Sales: Eight, of which two were original, three were reprints, and three were republications. So what’s the difference between reprints and republications? Read on…

Publications: Here’s where it gets interesting… 12–nine short stories and three novels!

Yes, not only is this the most stories I’ve ever had published in a year, the highlight of 2018 unquestionably came at the end of September when I accepted an offer to re-publish the Stolen Future trilogy under the Digital Science Fiction imprint. I had previously self-published all three volumes, but they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Convention appearances: One. I made my third appearance as a panelist at Loscon, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hugo shortlist for Best Panelist will have my name on it. (I’m sorry, what? They don’t have a Hugo for Best Panelist? Why not?)

Current projects: Two… one short story and one novel. (Which is a lot, as I’m typically a one-at-a-time kind of guy.) There are other things in various stages of incompletion which could see the light of day next year, but nothing I’m actively working on.

And that’s all I can think of. Could I have done more? Sure, I could’ve worked more diligently and suffered fewer writer’s blocks, but honestly, this was my best year ever on more than one front, so I’ll cut myself some slack. Besides, it gives me a chance to make some New Year’s resolutions…

Resolved: Propose a Best Panelist Hugo!




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My latest short story, “Relative Fortune,” appears in the November issue of Galaxy’s Edge (no. 35). All his life, Tom worked toward one goal: to explore space. Then, in an instant, his dream was dashed. And in the final insult, his brother Rey went into space instead. Twenty years later, Rey has returned from the stars to see Tom, who has built himself a new life–but has either really gotten what he wanted? If success and failure are two faces of the same coin, who decides which side he is on?


Also available from Amazon is my time travel adventure series, The Stolen Future. Read it, enjoy it, review it!


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Here is the new cover for the final volume of The Stolen Future, The Cosmic City.


This blurb makes it sound pretty exciting…

In the conclusion to The Stolen Future trilogy, Keryl Clee finds himself at the center of a crisis which could mean the destruction not only on Earth, but of Time itself.

Hostages of a time-traveling madman who is creating an army from the past to conquer the world of the future, before Clee and Lady Maire can defeat him they must come to grips with the shocking truth behind the 300-year-old Nuum invasion of Earth.

Beset by new and powerful enemies, betrayed by the Council of Nobles itself, Keryl Clee has one last chance to unite the peoples of Earth–Nuum and Thoran, human and non-human alike–because even he is powerless against those who are coming from beyond the stars to reach…The Cosmic City.

I recommend reading it, because if Time is destroyed, it could be a real downer for your plans for the weekend.


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In a stunning bit of irony (as Spider Robinson said, “God is an Iron”), I recently wrote a post about “the phone call I was not waiting for,” a pitch from a book packager looking for my business in regard to one of my novels. Long story short, I decided their services were not for me. Even though every writer dreams of a call seeking to publish his book, this call was not the one I was waiting for. But as it happened, that “call” was on its way.

I’ve long believed that life can take a turn on you in an instant, not only for the worse, but for the better. It’s happened to me, and to friends to whom I have made that case, just often enough to be true. And it’s happened again.

As long-time readers are aware, my professional writing life has been in flux for several months, as I moved from short stories to self-published novels back to a sort of in-between state where things get done, but not at the pace they should. But no matter how confused I have been at times, I have always known that the best solution was to keep writing, and failing that, at least to keep submitting pieces. After all, nothing feels as good as having written a story–except selling it. So I try to submit stories as often as I can, as frequently as I have available stories and markets for which they might be suitable.

And sometimes it pays off.

I am thrilled to be able to announce that I have just signed with Digital Fiction Publishing (which previously reprinted “Dead Guy Walking”), to offer my entire “Stolen Future” trilogy under their imprint.

This is my first book deal (three at once!), and I am very confident that DFP will help me take my career to new heights. To say I am excited would be an understatement; had you been there when I read the acceptance email, you could have lifted my wallet and I never would have noticed.

Publication details are being worked out. Plan on seeing them here at the proper time.

A long time ago, I was told that every writer who kept at his craft long enough would succeed. It may have been the best advice I’ve ever received.


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Hello. I’ve been off-page for the past couple of weeks due to circumstances beyond my control, but they appear to have been resolved and now I’m back. Time will tell if this is a good thing. Moving on…

I’ve started a new novel. Not the new novel I was starting the last time I said I was starting a new novel, this is a new new novel. On the other hand, it’s going back to an old idea. So it’s kind of a hybrid, a new novel with old characters. In TV terms, it’s a spin-off.

I’m returning to the world of the Stolen Future trilogy, but this book takes place between the first and second volumes of that series, and the lead character there, Keryl Clee, doesn’t appear at all. (If you’ve read The Invisible City, you know why; otherwise, I don’t believe in spoilers.) This book is about Keryl’s best friend, Timash, who happens to be a gorilla, and therein lies the “new experiment” part of this endeavor.

You see, I’ve never written a book before with a non-human viewpoint character. Timash  is a gorilla from a time when at least some apes have been gifted with human-level intelligence, but he’s still a gorilla, and they’re not common. In fact, most are hidden. So people treat him differently. Those differences haven’t been explored much in the prior books because it wasn’t Timash’s story, but this is.

How is he going to be treated? How will he react to it? Am I going to be able to write a non-human hero who comes across as a non-human? I have no idea the answers to any of these questions. To be honest, I’m only starting to think about them. I do know that Timash has an arc; one of the advantages of working within a prescribed framework established by previous books is that I know where the character is headed.

It’s always a challenge to try to create something new, while preserving enough continuity that you carry your audience with you. And I doubt it will be easy.

But it should be fun, and that’s what counts!


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In celebration of the upcoming release of The Killing Scar , third book in the Nemesis series (available at the special pre-order price), the first book, The Choking Rain, is now available for free on Amazon and other platforms!

February, 1932: The city of Los Angeles is anticipating a huge boost to its depression-ravaged economy from the upcoming Summer Olympics. But when a horrifying and unexplained wave of deaths sweeps the city, the incipient panic could ruin everything. An ex-fighter pilot uncovers an international terror plot which threatens not only the city and the Games, but the peace of the entire world. He will throw everything he has into the fight–and victory, if it comes, will demand a terrible price: Before it is done, a life will be lost, and a legend will be born.

And if your tastes run more to the out-of-this-world, The Invisible City, first in the Stolen Future trilogy, is also free. A 20th-century man is hurled into the distant future, where he is considered nothing more than an ignorant barbarian to be hunted and killed. If he survives, he may save the world–but will he choose the world of his past, or of his future?



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My trilogy, “The Stolen Future” (or at least the first 2/3) is featured today on File770.com. This is a huge honor and I am surprised and gratified.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


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