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I am excited to announce not one, but two recent short story sales! The first, “Junior Partner,” went to StoryHack Action & Adventure. “Junior Partner” is a little tale about Blacklight, a superhero’s sidekick who can’t get any respect–until his partner goes down and the world is teetering on the brink. Blacklight’s going to have to reach inside himself to see if he has what makes a hero. But even with courage and determination, what can a mere sidekick do…?

“How to Murder a Corpse,” is the second in a series of stories involving a nameless mid-century private eye–who raises the dead on the side. He recently raised a pal killed in an accident so he could say good-bye, but zombies don’t last long, so why would somebody bother to kill him again? And why did he have a vampire’s bite on his neck and a bullet hole in his forehead? Find out in an upcoming episode of the Gallery of Curiosities podcast.

As if that weren’t enough, my flash story “The Deadline” is coming out in the debut issue of Factor Four Magazine on April 1. A long marriage can hide many secrets, but not many of them are quite this … cosmic.

And of course, if you like my short fiction, you can check out my novel series The Stolen Future and Nemesis, by reading their respective introductory volumes, The Invisible City, and The Choking Rain, for free.

I tell you, I am the gift that keeps on giving.



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Tonight on “The Big Bang Theory” the scientific inquiry revolved not around quasars and bosons, but what would happen if a vampire were bitten by a zombie, and then bit a human? As it happens, I just this evening put the finishing touches on a story which features a zombie bitten by a vampire (and then shot through the head). Does Chuck Lorre have a tap on my computer? Am I actually an unsung comic genius responsible for the funniest sci-fi-related show in TV history? Or should I be crouched in a corner wearing an aluminum foil hat?

I’m working on a concept featuring time travelers and Shakespeare. If Sheldon starts taking up the question of whether the Earl of Oxford actually wrote the plays, Mr. Lorre and I are going to have a talk…

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